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Intelligent Solutions for Oil and Gas Exploration and Production


More Oil, Less Cost

Cognizance provides the missing link to fully understand oilfield chemistry on a continuous basis within the reservoir – leading to more oil, less cost. Powered by DirectRead, a revolutionary technology capable of directly measuring chemicals at the molecular level – Cognizance provides the clarity to make timely effective decisions.

Wellhead Continuous Monitoring

Provides continuous, real-time measurement of a well’s production fluid composition.

  • Three phase flow measurement
  • Hydrocarbon characterization
  • Salinity 
  • Temperature/Pressure/Flow rate

Wellbore Diagnostics

Provides characterization of a wellbore on a zone by zone basis – what’s coming from where.

  • Identify the production fluid composition
  • Accurately locates trouble and pay-zones
  • Applicable to vertical and horizontal wells

Actionable Intelligence

Utilizing an intuitive customizable dashboard, Cognizance™ analyzes, organizes and reports actionable intelligence enabling timely effective decisions. Web-based – the customer has easy access to reservoir and individual well analytics, including alerts based on customer-defined rules, at the office or in the field.

Improve Field Operations

More oil, less cost through economic depletion of reservoir hydrocarbons from in depth knowledge of the fluid stream. Cognizance™ provides insight to operational cause and effect on a reservoir scale. Decisions on preventative maintenance can now be need based not scheduled based, reducing costs. Continuous real-time monitoring, unmasks small changes that indicate precursors to problems enabling proactive instead of reactive responses to operational changes.